Conclusions from the ICOM conference on intangible heritage held in Zagreb, 17 – 19 October 2019

More than 80 participants and 35 panellists from different countries took part at the conference INTANGIBLE HERITAGE A CHALLANGE FOR MANAGEMENT AND COLLECTION POLICY organised by ICOM SEE, INTERCOM and COMCOL in partnership with ICOM national committees of Croatia and Slovenia. The conference was supported by ICOM Special Project Grant 2019 and also included workshops of intangible heritage masters, film presentations, field work trip in Slovenia and a lot of social networking. The support was also provided from the City of Zagreb and Croatian Ministry of Culture and organisational support was given by Ethnographic Museum and Mimara Museum, both from Zagreb, Delavski dom Trbovlje and Pokrajnski muzej Brežice, both from Slovenia.

Different panels explored various aspects how museums safeguard, promote and integrate ICH into their collections. Since the purpose of the conference was also to advocate the proposal to celebrate 17 October as International Intangible Cultural Heritage Day all participants supported the initiative and the conclusion was to urge ICOM to officially address UNESCO with the proposal. ICOM Pakistan also send the support to the initiative and Korean representatives from the National Folk Museum in Seul presented ICH Journal  and the possibility to publish articles on the various ICH phenomena in the world.

Goranka Horjan, chair of INTERCOM took part in the opening panel together with INTERCOM member from Serbia, Slavko Spasić.