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January 14, 2020


Dear members,

After the extraordinary General Assembly in Kyoto, many of us have continued on the exiting debates around the museum definition.

ICOM France, in collaboration with other committees, proposes to host a meeting in Paris, on March 10th , in order to discuss the progress of debates and gather positions about the methodology to go on the reflection about this major issue. This meeting will gather representatives of different national and international committees.

This “Committees Day” would aim at constructively developing a common vision of what defines a museum, and on what a definition by ICOM would have to endorse, reflecting namely on the adequate balance to be established between “museum functions”, professionals standards, ethic bahaviours and social challenges.

In order to prepare this meeting, we would really appreciate if you could send INTERCOM your feedback about this crucial issue. This will be very useful to help INTERCOM board to draw a position and to deliver it in Paris on March 10th. If you want to participate in this debate, please send your contribution to INTERCOM secretary, Emilie Girard, by email (emilie.girard@mucem.org).

Your participation is essential to reflect the diversity of views expressed by ICOM members.

We look forward to receiving your reflections before February 15th.

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