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September 26, 2023

Bursary to participate in the Museum Leadership in Climate Action conference Conferences, Grants, Highlights

Application for a bursary for young INTERCOM members to participate in the Museum Leadership in Climate Action conference, in Hernandarias, Paraguay, from 15-17 November 2023.

INTERCOM has two bursaries for two young INTERCOM members who are interested to join the the Museum Leadership in Climate Action conference. In return INTERCOM requests each grantee to deliver a short personal report (written, video-diary, podcast) on the conference on how it has benefited their expertise, museum, and/or community, including two interviews with two other INTERCOM members present. The reports will be distributed among the INTERCOM members via our socials and Newsletter.

The bursary can be used to cover travel expenses (airfare economy class), ground transportation, and accommodation for the duration of the conference (15-19 November) with a maximum of €600 (six hundred Euros).

Are you interested in joining the conference and require financial support?

Please fill in the attached TRAVEL GRANT FORM and send back to Hans van de Bunte (Treasurer INTERCOM) via: by 8th October 2023.


  • The conference has no registration fee.
  • Insurance coverage, local transportation, meals, and other expenses related to the conference participation will not be covered by the bursary.
  • The bursary will be paid after the conference based on the expenses made and justified by copies of  invoices and bills.
  • The bursaries will be paid through the bank account of the participant based on the total amount of the justifying documents.

Requirements/Applicants must:

  1. Be a member of ICOM and INTERCOM at the moment of the application.
  2. Be able to comprehend, write, and speak fluent English or Spanish.
  3. Not have received other bursaries from INTERCOM in the last three years.
  4. Deliver a short personal report on the conference (written, video-diary, podcast) including two interviews with two other INTERCOM members together with the reimbursement form.