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November 16, 2020

INTERCOM Chair participates in ICCROM RE-ORG questionnaire Publications

As a director of the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb INTERCOM Chair Goranka Horjan hosted a two-week training course RE-ORG which immensely improved the situation in museum storages. The course was led by Gael de Guichen who implemented ICCROM methodology which helps museums with scarce funding to make significant improvements. The project was supported by ICOM Special Project Grant with ICOM SEE as a project leader. Participants came form 20 museums in South East Europe and the results were presented during the ICOM annual meetings in Paris in 2017 and 2018. The challenges related to the conditions in museum storages worldwide thus moved up on the ICOM’s agenda and the recent outcome is the Museum International is devoted to the subject. The positive experiences of the museums who hosted the RE-ORG training course in Zagreb and Tirana were described in the ICCROM November 2020 questionnaire filled in by Goranka Horjan, Chair of INTERCOM  and Sabina Veseli, former Chair of ICOM Albania.